Since 1990, Maestro Balan has been a member of the jury for the following International Competitions: "The International Conducting Competition" in Brasov, Romania, "The International Composition Competition" in Alcoi, Spain, "The Piano International Competition" in Varalo, Italy. Since 1992 he has been the Conductor and member of the jury for "The Piano and Orchestra International Competition" in Cantu, Italy. In 1996 he became the President of the Jury for "The International Instrumental Competition" in San Bartolomeo Al Mare, Italy.
Mr.Balan has been involved in teaching conducting classes since 1985. He has conducted the Bacau High School of Music Orchestra and the Iasi Conservatory Orchestra on numerous occasions. He proved to posses strong ability to work with young musicians, guiding them and being an example to follow.
Maestro Balan is recognized as possessing exceptional qualities. He has strong skills in interpersonal relationships and leadership. He has been involved in orchestral development, programming and educational events for 32 years. His exceptional musicianship and conducting skills are recognized world wide, and they are proven by his very rich artistic career.

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